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Øivin Andersen

Professor, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen, Norway
e-mail: oivin.andersen@uib.no phone +4741101976 (cellular) or 4755582266 (office)

Educational background

Studies in Vietnamese, Cantonese, Latin, German, English and Linguistics

Research Education:

Administrative Courses:

Research Experience


  • Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, New Zealand 1977-1978, Studies and research in Polynesian Languages
  • Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway on the project Norwegian – Vietnamese Dictionary 1979-1983.
  • Researcher Monolingual Norwegian Dictionary for foreign learners of Norwegian - Research Fellow at The Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature, University of Bergen, working with the Norwegian Word Register, 1993
  • Consultant (terminologist) at the Norwegian Term Bank, 1984-1986
  • Doctoral student in applied linguistics from 1986-1990.
  • Post doc researcher on the machine translation project PONS 1991-1992
  • Associate Professor  of Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, University of Bergen from 1992.
  • Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics, Literature and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen from 2005.
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    Educational Experience

    Educational experience from three departments:

    1. Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature: courses in LSP and terminology, courses in practical terminology work for terminologists at The Norwegian Term Bank, seminars in LSP texts and terminology for master students of linguistics and scandinavian languages.  Lecturer in research courses in Vaasa and in Bergen.
    2. English Department: courses in English syntax for graduate students of English.
    3. Section for Linguistic Studies: courses on all levels of linguistics, including master and Ph.D.  in the following areas: phonology, morphology, semantics, first language acquisition, language typology, linguistic classics, history of linguistics, New Zealand maori language, Vietnamese language, LSP and terminology, and philosophy of science, courses in Vietnamese language for Norwegian teachers.

    additional to these:






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